According to Gennady Zubko, the Government granted access to 2.5 billion UAH, allocated for financing of regional development projects

Financing of 728 projects by the resources from the State fund of regional development is underway. The statement was made by Vice-Prime Minister, the Minister of regional development, construction, and housing and communal services of Ukraine, Gennady Zubko. According to Mr. Zubko, a respective Governmental decree, listing specific investment programmes and projects, provides for allocation of 2.542 billion UAH from the Fund.

“Quite soon the local self-government bodies, which submitted their projects and went through the necessary procedures, will get the advance payments of 30% of their project costs. This represents another step towards strong, powerful communities, to implementation of decentralization reform”, Gennady Zubko commented.

In general, the Government allocated 2.9 billion UAH from the State fund for regional development for implementation of investment projects and regional development programmes in oblasts.
Minregion developed an online platform of the State fund for regional development (htpp://, which was created to facilitate transparent selection of investment programmes and regional development projects to be financed by SFRD resources in 2015.

The platform includes: normative and legal base of SFRD; a list of programmes and projects in regional context, with their descriptions and definitions of their statuses.




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