Вакансія. Project Administrative assistant

Location: Kyiv

Duration: The position shall be a consultancy contract for around 8 months

SALAR International is looking for a self-motivated and highly organised team member who can ensure smooth and efficient procurement processes. The person should be experienced in procurement laws/processes and contract management in Ukraine, preferably with experience of working in an international context. The procurement Coordinator must be able to take initiative and prioritise to manage procurements efficiently, as well as work effectively within a team.

Description of the assignment context

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) has through SALAR and other organisations, implemented Component 2 of the EU commissioned programme U-LEAD with Europe: Ukraine Local Empowerment, Accountability and Development Programme 2016-2021, funded by the EU and its member states Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Estonia and Slovenia. The implementation of the Programme has resulted in 484 Administrative Service Centers (ASCs) established or modernised in newly formed hromadas and a total of 1 300 access points to services supported institutionally and physically.

PROSTO: Support to Services Accessibility in Ukraine is based on SALAR’s experience in implementing U-LEAD. The project is funded by Sida (2021-2023), and the main objective is to improve the capacity of local authorities to deliver administrative services for the benefit of the residents in Ukraine. The Project's main areas of activity are:

  • Policy and advocacy – support in advancing legislation and public policies to improve the availability and quality of administrative services in hromadas.
  • Expert support – consulting hromadas on how to establish or modernize ASCs, increase the quantity and quality of services provided.
  • Training programs – training activities for local governments, ASC management, and staff so that they could provide services to hromadas more effectively.
  • Citizen engagement and information sharing – strengthening the ability of hromadas to inform about ASC services and to involve residents in the democratic processes in hromadas.

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine most project activities have been adapted to changing circumstances and needs. The project has also identified the need for additional crisis and recovery support to hromadas previously occupied by Russia and greatly affected by the war. The crisis and recovery support includes different types of material support and it will be based on the needs of specific hromadas and assessments of the effectiveness of support. The Project foresees the following possible types of material support but not limited to 1) IT equipment needed for service provision, 2) Modular houses for service provision, and 3) Mobile units for service provision. 

For more information, please download the Terms of Reference.

Interested applicants should send their proposal, comprising the following documents, to SALAR International no later than November 18, 2022:

  • A short explanation of the applicant’s suitability for the assignment (maximum one A4-page),
  • Up-to-date CV indicating relevant experience and qualifications.

This Request for Position is issued on November 8, 2022. Proposals and questions should be sent latest November 18, 2022 by email to: opportunity@sklinternational.se

Mark your email with Procurement Coordinator Ukraine in the subject.

No compensation is paid for proposals and interviews during the recruitment process.

Questions regarding the position can be sent to the same email (opportunity@sklinternational.se). Responses to questions will be shared to applicants by email.

Interviews with shortlisted applicants are expected to be held in person or via Teams/Zoom, ongoing during the application period and shortly after deadline. Only shortlisted applicants will receive a respond by email after final round of interviews.

The personal information provided by the applicant in the procurement process will be handled by SALAR International.

Diversity and equal opportunities

SALAR International embraces diversity and respects human rights in all areas of its work. SALAR International strives to create a gender equal and diverse working environment. Consultants shall respect equal rights of individuals and strive to create an atmosphere where people’s differences are accepted and valued.

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Вакансія. Project Administrative assistant




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