Decentralisation gives hromadas opportunities to restore historical sites, - AUC

Oleksandr Slobozhan, Executive Director of the AUC, presented results of the survey on the state of sites in hromadas carried out by the Association of Ukrainian Cities. The survey was conducted in all oblasts of Ukraine and showed that 75% of the interviewed hromadas use historical buildings in public life. At the same time, many monuments act as tourist attractions. Oleksandr Slobozhan also told about their state: 80% of respondents have reported that the monuments are in need of reconstruction or restoration. At the same time, due to decentralisation, there are more opportunities for their protection and preservation.

During 3-4 years, 20% of the interviewed hromadas have already allocated funds for the renovation and restoration of monuments. For example, in the city of Trostyanets, the Kenig’s estate and the Round Court fortress were restored. This city became the winner of the project under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Ukraine “Small cities - Great impressions”, said Oleksandr Slobozhan during the press conference, devoted to the International conference “Cultural heritage in the 21-st century: preservation, use, promotion" to be held on 19-20 October in Vinnytsia.

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Decentralisation gives hromadas opportunities to restore historical sites, - AUC




Асоціація міст України

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