Government allocated 42 million to construct transparent offices in 9 hromadas

On 10 October the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the allocation of state budget subvention to local budgets in 2018 in the amount of UAH 42 million for the establishment of administrative service centres, including social services in the “Transparent Office” format, as reported by the Association of Ukrainian Cities.

Name of the local budget of the administrative-territorial unit

Subvention amount, thousand UAH

Zhytomyr city

15 840.687

Kamyanske city

6 500.000

Kryvyi Rih city

3 282.160

Slovyansk city

3 065.476

AH of Baranivka city

7 200.000

AH of the urban-type settlement of Hnizdychiv

1 598.684

AH of Bereza village

1 897.200

AH of Velyki Kopani village

1 609.582

AH of Pishchane village

1 089.779


42 083.568

The funds will be finally distributed after approval of the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


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Government allocated 42 million to construct transparent offices in 9 hromadas


ASC social services


Асоціація міст України

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