Another 60 hromada activists joined study visits to exemplary ASCs of the country

This week, five study visits to exemplary Ukrainian ASCs took place within the framework of the Roll-Out Phase of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme. 60 hromada activists, including the leadership of AHs and ASCs, joined the visits.

The participants visited the joint ASC of the Krasnopilska AH in the Sumy Oblast and of the Novoushytska AH, Khmelnytskyi Oblast, as well as exemplary classical ASCs of the city of Hostomel, Kyiv Oblast, and the Verbkivska AH, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

Leaders of AHs have learned about the mechanisms for providing the most necessary administrative services, principles of the institutional and physical organisation of the ASC’s work, and key infrastructure features of the proper ASC.

Some feedback from participants:

“It was useful: to get to know the terms of participation in the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and exchange experience with colleagues. I would like to join such meetings in future as well.”

“The issues raised by AH representatives about the practical implementation and problems’ resolution were useful.”

“I have positive impressions and wish success, rapid development. It is very nice to see young people implementing reforms, courageous, competent, intelligent and plain!”

By the end of October there will be 3 more study visits organised:

16 October – ASC of the city of Berestove, Zaporizhzhia Oblast

23 October – Joint ASC of the Krasnopilska AH, Sumy Oblast

24 October – Newly-built energy-efficient ASC of the Mykolayivska AH, Sumy Oblast.

More than 600 hromada activists from 24 oblasts of Ukraine have taken part in study visits to the ASCs since September 2018.

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Another 60 hromada activists joined study visits to exemplary ASCs of the country

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