128 amalgamated and 58 accessed hromadas waiting for their first elections

128 amalgamated hromadas (AHs) are ready for the first elections of local heads and deputies. These AHs include 538 hromadas – village, settlement, city councils. 58 hromadas with a total population of 1 million 417 thousand people, that joined 40 already established AHs, are waiting for the elections.

Elections in these AHs should take place by the end of the year so that they fall into the calculations of the state budget for 2019 and from 1 January switch to direct interbudgetary relations with the state. And it is necessary to appoint elections at least 70 days before they are held. However, the Central Election Commission is in no hurry to do it, as you know.

“This week in Zatoka, during a seminar-meeting for local self-government bodies, the heads of hromadas, not chosing the right words, discussed the situation with the delay in the appointment of elections in AHs. And they complained not only of the Central Election Commission, but also of the central government in general. It is not important on the ground, who exactly in Kyiv impedes their hromada development, they have no desire and time to deal with this issue in addition, because they are not playing theory, but settle the issues that affect the quality of people’s lives on a daily basis. So the elections in AHs are already a matter of not only the CEC, but state authorities as a whole. And it will be known no later than next Thursday, whether we are able to cope with this challenge,” said Vyacheslav Nehoda, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

It is expected that on Wednesday, 19 September, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy and Justice will consider the appeal of the CEC and provide an explanation that can unblock the elections in AHs. In addition, on Thursday, 20 September, the Parliament plans to vote for a new CEC composition, and in case of reelection of members of the Commission, the issue of elections may also move from the dead point.

It should be noted that on 9 August, the CEC appealed to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy and Justice, because it found the possibility not to appoint elections in AHs in October this year. On 5 September, the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy and Justice planned to provide clarifications to the CEC regarding elections in AHs, but did not hold a meeting.

If the Committee finally provides clarifications, the elections can still take place in November or December.

More information on the situation with appointment of elections in AHs is available HERE


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