CEC went beyond its powers and should abolish its resolution as of 9 August, - MP’s opinion

According to MP Ihor Vasyunyk, the Central Election Commission, having adopted its Resolution on 9 August, which made it impossible to appoint elections in amalgamated hromadas for October 2018, went beyond its powers and violated the Constitution of Ukraine.

According to the MP, in case of the need for official interpretation of the electoral law, the CEC should have referred for explanations not to the Verkhovna Rada Committee, but to the Constitutional Court.

He also noted that Committee’s explanation still does not have the status of official interpretation of the law.

“That is, irrespective of the explanation provided by the Committee, the CEC has no right to make decisions on its basis,” said the MP.

In this regard, Ihor Vasyunyk addressed Mykhailo Okhendovskyi, head of the Central Election Commission, with a formal request to abolish the CEC’s resolution as of 9 August and appoint elections in AHs, scheduled for autumn.



17.08.2018 - 17:58 | Views: 2009
CEC went beyond its powers and should abolish its resolution as of 9 August, - MP’s opinion

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