98 amalgamated hromadas are waiting for their first elections – MinRegion’s monitoring

Already 98 amalgamated hromadas are waiting for the appointment of the first elections of hromadasheads and local deputies by the Central Election Commission.

“The country has been on the decentralisation path for already four years. And only now these hromadas engage in the reform. Of course, it was not easy for them, as they had to overcome doubts, internal and external opposition for years. It is very important that, at the final stage, neither the Central Election Commission nor anyone else prevented the hromadas from finally starting to make changes. Almost 900 thousand residents of these 98 AHs are waiting for them,” commented Vyacheslav Nehoda, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, on monthly monitoring of the process of decentralisation of power and reform of local self-government, carried out by MinRegion (DOWNLOAD).

Despite the fact that voluntary amalgamation of hromadas continues, the monitoring shows that 116 out of 490 rayons (not including 25 occupied ones) still do not participate in this process.

“The monitoring of the situation in the rayons, where hromadas’ amalgamation does not take place, proves that local leaders have not been able to cope with fears, debunk the myths, overcome the skepticism of hromadas’ residents and representatives, and incline opponents of the reform to the side of changes. There they decided to wait – even despite the lack of prospects and disadvantages of this stance in the financial and political sense,” said Vyacheslav Nehoda.

The monitoring also shows the acceleration of the process of hromadas’ accession: 92 hromadas are in the process of accession to 60 already established AHs, 12 hromadas are joining the cities of oblast significance.

“Hromadas would join even more actively, if oblast councils and state administrations finally adopted perspective plans for the formation of hromadas, covering the whole territory of the regions. Hromadas cannot access any existing AHs, and, most importantly, cities of oblast significance, where it is not foreseen by a perspective plan,” said the First Deputy Minister.

According to the monitoring data, perspective plans still do not cover 24% of the country's territory.

More data of the monitoring of the decentralisation process and the reform of local self-government as of 10 August 2018 is available HERE

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