Work process of newly formed AH. Steps of Vchorayshenska hromada

The Zhytomyr Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, organised a training on work process arrangement after elections, creation of new management bodies and development projects’ formation, for the team of village heads of the newly established Vchorayshenska AH.

“The Vchorayshenska hromada of the Ruzhyn Rayon has significant economic potential. Almost 6 thousand people and 250 square kilometres of territory create significant prospects. And today we have assembled the village heads to discuss the first steps and establishment of effective work of the new management structures,” said Serhiy Romanovych, decentralisation adviser of the Zhytomyr LGDC.

This is already the second training for newly formed hromadas. Last month the team of the Hryshkovetska AH worked in the Zhytomyr LGDC. Next time it’s the turn of the Chudniv and Berdychiv Rayon.

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Work process of newly formed AH. Steps of Vchorayshenska hromada

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