29 September 2023
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Modernisation of transport infrastructure: consulting for U-LEAD with Europe

Deutsche Gesellschaft für lnternationale Zusammenarbeit (GlZ) GmbH is implementing the U-LEAD with Europe Programme (the Programme) in Ukraine. GIZ acts on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

For the purpose of developing capacities of local officials, the Programme is planning an initiative (the Initiative) for modernisation of transportation infrastructure in amalgamated hromadas (AHs). The Initiative aims to assist AHs in learning about alternative cost-effective technologies of building and maintaining local roads and transportation infrastructure. It is also envisioned that the Initiative provides step-by-step guidance and methodologies for the application of such technologies, as well as all relevant legal and regulatory procedures to enable AHs to build new roads and maintain existing ones in line with the existing quality, building, safety, and procurement regulations.

The scope of work includes the following tasks:

  • conduction of a study and comparative analysis of existing cost-effective techniques and materials for the construction of local roads applicable to Ukrainian conditions;
  • development of guidelines on cost-effective technologies (based on the conducted study) in road maintenance, design and construction at local level in a form of two manuals reflecting technical and legal aspects respectively;
  • contribution of contents to the U-LEAD with Europe training programme on sustainable mobility;
  • contribution of at least 15 inputs (presentations, face-to-face workshop sessions) to U-LEAD with Europe training measures;
  • direct support to 30 pilot AHs in the preparation of road infrastructure projects.

The Programme anticipates the Initiative to be implemented within the period from October 2018 until June 2019 and to cover all oblasts of Ukraine.

At the moment, the Programme seeks to receive expressions of interest from organisations (like NGOs etc.), established consultancies, consortia of experts etc. that have capability to implement the Initiative.

In order to be considered for shortlisting, an organisation should demonstrate these capabilities:

  • Ability to deploy and manage a team of 2-5 qualified experts in roads construction in Ukraine, designing methodological and training materials and the provision of trainings, including at least one specialist with relevant experience abroad;
  • An experience in elaborating manuals and training materials;
  • Readiness to frequent traveling to Ukrainian regions during the assignment period;
  • Previous experience in managing similar projects;
  • Excellent command of both oral and written Ukrainian, good command of English.

Notice: all documents, reports etc. regarding implemented tasks shall be prepared in English.

Interested organisations should send the following information to procurement@u-lead.org.ua with copy to serhii.parkhomenko@giz.de by 10 August 2018: (1) brief information on the organisation containing an overview of relevant previous project experience or similar assignments (up to 3 pages, including links to internet sources if applicable); (2) CVs of possible key experts (optional). All applications should be submitted in the form of one and only one pdf file in English or Ukrainian.

When submitting, please name your file EoI_TI_name of the applicant and indicate the same as the subject line of your email.

No price information is requested at this stage. This Request for Expressions of Interest is not a solicitation, and replying to it does not guarantee that an organisation will be invited to any solicitation by GIZ. In the event of a tender for the subject matter described herein, any Request for Proposal and any subsequent purchase order or contract will be issued in accordance with GIZ GmbH rules and procedures.

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Modernisation of transport infrastructure: consulting for U-LEAD with Europe


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