64 AHs are planned to be formed in Zhytomyr Oblast

On 26 July, the Zhytomyr Oblast Council plans to consider changes to the Perspective Plan for the formation of capable amalgamated hromadas of the Zhytomyr Oblast, that will cover 100% of the oblast territory. The working group on changes to the Plan has already agreed on all issues regarding the formats and number of hromadas to be formed.

“The working group did a great job and considered all possible options. Now the deputies have to express their stance at the session of the oblast council. Thus, this year we have the opportunity to form new hromadas to the maximum,” said Vasyl Nevmerzhytskyi, Director of the Zhytomyr Local Government Development Centre, established by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion.



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amalgamation of hromadas perspective plan


Житомирська область


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