Decentralisation in Sumy Oblast, - interview with Oleksandr Khoruzhenko

What is decentralisation? Whom is it intended for and why is it implemented? What exactly is happening within the framework of the reform and what consequences are to be expected? Brief overview of decentralisation on the example of the Sumy Oblast – in a talk with Oleksandr Khoruzhenko, Director of the Sumy Local Government Development Centre, established within the framework of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and the MinRegion, held by the NGO “Bureau of Policy Analysis” (Sumy).

The video was issued in the framework of the project “Informing Hromadas of the Sumy Oblast about Social Transformations”, implemented by the “Bureau of Policy Analysis” with the support of Internews network. Inc.




Сумська область


Бюро аналізу політики

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