Two more hromadas in Zhytomyr Oblast have begun amalgamation process

Two perspective AHs, namely the Vchorayshenska AH of the Ruzhyn Rayon and the Sinhurivska AH of the Zhytomyr Rayon, have begun the process of amalgamation. On 13 June, the Vertokiyivka hromada supported the proposal of the Sinhurv village council to make an amalgamated hromada at the public hearings in the villages of Vertokiyivka, Ivankivtsi and Horodyshche. On 15 June, at public hearings in the Vchorayshe village council, the hromada unanimously supported the similar proposal.

“The process of creating a hromada in the Ruzhyn Rayon is one of the most difficult in the oblast. For a long time, people could not find a common language about amalgamation, but today the hromada of Vchorayshe has unanimously supported the creation of AH. It means that the process has begun and now it is necessary to hold hearings and sessions in the neighbouring hromadas in a prompt and current way,” said Vasyl Nevmerzhytskyi, director of the Zhytomyr Local Government Development Centre.

The advisory and methodological support of these processes in Sinhury and Vchorayshe was provided by the experts of the Zhytomyr LGDC, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

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Two more hromadas in Zhytomyr Oblast have begun amalgamation process


Житомирська область


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