Another 14 AHs of Poltava Oblast received land outside settlements

The transfer of land to the ownership of the AHs of the Poltava Oblast continues. Another 14 AHs passed a new round of this landmark procedure. The solemn part was held with the participation of Valeriy Holovko, head of the Poltava Oblast State Administration, Vadym Chuvpylo, head of the General Directorate of the StateGeoCadastre in the Poltava Oblast and representatives of the AHs.

Valeriy Holovko mentioned: “For the final successful implementation of the decentralisation reform, that is taking place in Ukraine and confidently progressing in the Poltava Oblast, we had to transfer the land to AHs, since no one can dispose of land better than the local self-government.”

Iryna Balybina, director of the Poltava Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, said: “Land transfer to hromadas is a landmark event, as hromadas already have specific strategic plans for using this resource.”

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Another 14 AHs of Poltava Oblast received land outside settlements


Полтавська область


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