09 June 2023
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Number of those ready to take decentralisation opportunities is growing at local level

34 amalgamated hromadas (AHs) are waiting for the decision of the Central Election Commission on the appointment of the first local elections.These AHs were formed by 158 local councils, territories of which have about half a million residents.This fact was reported by MinRegion based on the data of oblast state administrations as of 25 May.

As for 9 AHs (29 local councils, 75,000 residents), oblast state administrations are preparing a corresponding appeal to the Central Election Commission.

Another 22 AHs (101 local councils, 219,000  residents) are awaiting for the conclusion of oblast state administrations on compliance with the existing legislation on decisions of amalgamation process.

MinRegion emphasises the importance of observing the legislative deadlines for providing such conclusions, that is 10 working days.

115 local councils are currently in the process of making the final decision on amalgamation. They plan to form 29 AHs (233,000 residents).

And 14 local councils (105,000 residents) decided to join the already existing amalgamated hromadas’ councils. Now they are waiting for the decision of the Central Election Commission to appoint additional elections to AH councils after their merger.

It is worth reminding that on 12 May MinRegion announced new data on Monitoring of the decentralisation process and reform of local self-government. The innovation in the study of the reform objectives implementation has been the effectiveness of oblasts work in the formation of amalgamated hromadas based on the quantitative indicator of the population living in AH  in relation to the total number of population of the oblast. Such indicator clearly reflects the real state of formation of capable hromadas in the oblast and it clearly shows the number of citizens who could take advantage of the reform results, and whom local authorities block this way.

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Number of those ready to take decentralisation opportunities is growing at local level




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