Amalgamated hromadas compete well with cities for young professionals by salary and working conditions

If you are a young specialist in search of a job, then you will can find good working conditions and decent salary in the amalgamated hromada. It does not impose requirements for previous work experience and offers the possibility of career growth.

As new employers, AHs compete well with cities, where young professionals try to move in search of work and housing. The benefits of work in rural areas and modern needs of young professionals were discussed on the occasion of the Europe Day in Ukraine at the Lviv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion.

The event took place in the format of a world cafe with the participation of students of the Pedagogical College of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and Markian Shashkevych Brody Pedagogical College, as well as representatives of the Council of Young Doctors of the Lviv Oblast and teachers of educational institutions of the oblast.

Students did not hide their surprise, when Yaroslav Derkach, head of Zhovtianetska AH, told that their hromada is ready to provide young professionals with everything they need. "A salary of UAH 10 thousand has been long a reality in our AH. Healthcare professionals find no problems with primary healthcare medicines. And it is clear that there is a proper technical condition of the premises, as well as modern equipment. In 2017, we invested a million hryvnias in educational equipment, and this year we will invest another three million UAH," said Mr Derkach.

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Amalgamated hromadas compete well with cities for young professionals by salary and working conditions

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