AHs of Rivne Oblast studied experience of ASCs’ operation in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Why does hromada need an administrative service centre and how difficult is it to establish? Which services are optimal and are the residents satisfied? The representatives of the AHs of the Rivne Oblast were looking for the answers to these and other questions in the framework of a study visit organised by the Ivano-Frankivsk Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

The delegation of the Rivne Oblast hromadas visited the ASC in the Pechenizhynska AH, operating for over 2 years. The ASC started its work here in properly equipped premises.

"We began with 42 administrative services, and today we have already 110 administrative services. There are currently 6 workplaces in the centre, as well as two administrators, one state registrar, employees of the departments of the Pechenizhyn settlement council, who also receive the citizens," says Ivan Pylypiv, head of the Pechenizhynska AH.

Now a record specialist, providing various types of information certificates and inspection acts, and the social department employees, accepting requests and issuing certificates, work here. Besides, the pension fund representative and a member of the AH land department receive citizens on a weekly basis.

During the last year, 3800 residents applied to the Pechenizhyn ASC, more than 2000 certificates were issued and 1,000 applications for housing and communal service subsidies were accepted. The list of services is going to be expanded.

"We are actively involved in this direction, we have written a project application to U-LEAD for purchase of equipment to issue biometric passports and ID-cards," said Oleksandra Dudinchuk, secretary of the Pechenizhyn settlement council of the AH.

In addition, the delegation from the Rivne Oblast visited the ASC in the Starobohorodchanska hromada, opened in December 2017 with U-LEAD’s financial support. Within a few months, the hromada has made a qualitative step forward in providing administrative services.

"Our ASC started its work with provision of 46 services, including the issues of local importance, land, civil registration, notary and other issues. Later the list of services was increased up to 92, including those related to social protection, pension fund, real estate registration and business registration," says Hanna Tymkiv, head of the ASC of the Starobohorodchanska AH.

"ASC establishment in the hromada is a necessary step. This is a real approaching of services to people, which is a priority for amalgamated hromadas. The first hromadas of the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast have already gained considerable experience in this direction, expanding the sphere of work. We suggested to the newly-formed AHs to benefit from U-LEAD’s support in ASC establishment, as the Starobohorodchanska AH did. Due to this support, specialists were trained here, furniture, equipment and software were purchased," summed up Ruslan Panasyuk, director of the Ivano-Frankivsk LGDC.

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