Process of nominating candidates for elections in AHs to be held on 29 April has begun

The process of nominating candidates for the positions of the village, settlement, city heads and local deputies at the first local elections in 40 amalgamated hromadas in 17 oblasts that will take place on 29 April 2018, has begun today, on 26 March.

Submission of the documents for candidates’ registration will last until 4 April.

And by 5 April, territorial electoral commissions will decide on confirmation or refusal to register candidates.

Representatives of 30 parties will take part in the elections.

According to preliminary estimates, more than 263 thousand voters will be able to participate in these elections.

It is worth mentioning that after the elections on 29 April 2018, in total 705 amalgamated hromadas will be established in Ukraine.



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Process of nominating candidates for elections in AHs to be held on 29 April has begun


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