10 more amalgamated hromadas of Cherkasy Oblast will have their development strategies

“The Cherkasy Local Government Development Centre has been assisting hromadas of the region in creation of their Development Strategies for the second year in a row,” says Serhiy Slynko, director of the Cherkasy LGDC (established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion). “We announce competitions that help identify hromadas that are the most motivated and most willing to implement their own development strategies, as well as evaluate the strategy elaboration work already done by AHs, etc. Thus, 7 hromadas were selected last year, and received priority assistance in the elaboration of the AH Development Strategy. This year, 15 hromadas have taken part in the competition, and 10 of them won the chance to receive their own development strategies.

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10 more amalgamated hromadas of Cherkasy Oblast will have their development strategies

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Черкаська область


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