AHs of Zaporizhzhya Oblast learn to solve conflicts through dialogues of understanding

Development depends on the relationship between the government and hromada. Confrontation, at best, inhibits positive results from the implementation of reforms and new ideas, given the distrust of people to changes. However, the misunderstanding that arises can be turned into a resource. On 17 January, the representatives of the AHs were trained how to cope with such situations and what to keep in mind at the Zaporizhzhya Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion.

Regarding the conflicts voiced by the participants of the workshop “Setting up communication and resolving conflicts in the AH”, today most urgent issues concern optimisation of educational institutions and increase of tariffs for communal services.

During the individual visits of citizens, officials should consider their own emotional state in order to avoid conflict situations. After all, a negative response can evoke just the same reaction. Therefore, during the workshop, attention was paid to the work with emotions.

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AHs of Zaporizhzhya Oblast learn to solve conflicts through dialogues of understanding

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