Decentralisation currents in Donetsk Oblast

An active process of AH establishment began in the Kostyantynivka Rayon. Neighbouring Chasiv Yar in the Bakhmut Rayon and Druzhkivka also stepped up on the decentralisation path, determining the territory of future amalgamated hromadas.

The Donetsk Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, has come to provide expert assistance and advice on hromadas’ formation to the representatives of town and village councils.

The Druzhkivska AH could have been formed two years ago, if Kindrativka, directly bordering with the town, had given its consent to amalgamation. Due to the lack of this consent, the decision to form the Druzhkivska AH was suspended, since Oleksiyevo-Druzhkivka, that was part of the hromada, had no common borders with Druzhkivka. For all this time, the amalgamation process has been frozen, and today it needs to be stirred up. Iryna Buchuk, secretary of the Druzhkivka Town Council, met with advisers from the Donetsk LGDC and informed that in December 2017 the representatives of Kindrativka were taken to a trip to Druzhkivka to get them acquainted with the town’s infrastructure, institutions providing services to the population, healthcare facilities and other objects the peasants will be able to use after amalgamation into the hromada. While the village is deciding on whom to amalgamated with, Druzhkivka is waiting for their decision to re-start the procedure for the AH establishment.

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Decentralisation currents in Donetsk Oblast

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Донецька область


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