“These are people who master “art of small steps” in building strong hromadas.” Photo exhibition “Faces of New Hromadas” was opened in MinRegion

MinRegion of Ukraine opened a photo exhibition under the name “Faces of new hromadas”, representing the leaders and guides of qualitative changes inamalgamated hromadas.

The photographs, made by the photographers Vladyslav Sodel and Anastasiya Sirotkina, depict teachers, doctors, athletes, representatives of business and local authorities of villages and towns, who work together to change life in their hromadas.

“The country is proud of the people, who every day in their place prove that changes are possible. Together, they make a cohort of like-minded people, united by a common goal of building a successful and strong country, starting with hromada as their small homeland. If it had been possible, this photo exhibition would have stretched for hundreds of kilometres, because the number of leaders of change increases every day. Currently, almost 700 amalgamated hromadas with over six million residents have been formed in Ukraine,” said Vyacheslav Nehoda, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services.

He expressed his gratitude to the employees of local self-government, educational institutions, healthcare, culture, administrative service centres and residents of amalgamated hromadas for their confidence in the reform of local self-government and active participation in the implementation of its tasks.

“The reform itself is nothing without the support and participation of people. It is extremely pleasant that there are still initiative and responsible people with passionate hearts and reserved minds, who master the “art of small steps” in building strong hromadas,” said Vyacheslav Nehoda.

The First Deputy Minister also expressed his gratitude to the organisers of the photo exhibition – the USAID programme (DOBRE) and Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

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“These are people who master “art of small steps” in building strong hromadas.” Photo exhibition “Faces of New Hromadas” was opened in MinRegion

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