Decentralisation gives new opportunities people are waiting for, - Yuliya Svitlychna

The 2nd Polish-Ukrainian Local Self-Government Forum “Hromada. Efficient development. Investments” started its work in Kharkiv, having gathered about 400 participants from Poland and 7 oblasts of Ukraine.

The forum was opened by Yuliya Svitlychna, head of the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration, and Janusz Yablonsky, Consul General of the Republic of Poland.

“Ukraine is dynamically changing today. We strive to realise our economic and social potential as soon as possible, and we have chosen the only correct path of further European integration. And it is precisely what the current reforms, initiated by the President of Ukraine and implemented by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, are directed at,” emphasised Yuliya Svitlychna at the opening of the forum.

Applying to the heads of amalgamated hromadas, she noted: “The honour to lead the changes in the state fell exactly to our lot.” Yuliya Svitlychna noted that the result of reforms and their perception by people depend on everyone who incarnates them in life.

“Decentralisation is not only amalgamation, not just accumulation and allocation of funding you receive from the state. It is a new opportunity people are waiting for,” said the head of the Kharkiv Oblast.

Yuliya Svitlychna said that the forum participants will include not only representatives of local self-government bodies, hromadas of Ukraine and gminas of Poland, but also business representatives who will provide information on the experience of attracting investments, economy management, and share the best Polish practices.

“We want to share our experience with Ukraine so that you do not make the same mistakes in the process of decentralisation, that we used to make,” said Janusz Yablonsky. “I hope that it will be very useful for Ukraine. It will be an impetus for its reforming, development and further progress on its path towards the European Union.”

The Consul General of the Republic of Poland noted that he personally considers decentralisation as the best reform carried out in Poland.

“It has really become a great impetus for the development of Poland. I hope that the result will also be visible in Ukraine in a few years,” said Janusz Yablonsky.

The Polish-Ukrainian local self-government forum is being held in Kharkiv for the second year in a row. It is initiated and organised by the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration, Kharkiv Local Government Development Centre, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Kharkiv, NGO Polish-Ukrainian Agrarian Association, U-LEAD with Europe Programme and International Solidarity Foundation.

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Decentralisation gives new opportunities people are waiting for, - Yuliya Svitlychna


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