Hromadas have increased revenues from land payments – hromadas’ budget data for 10 months

According to Yanina Kazyuk, coordinator for the financial decentralisation of the Central Reform Office at MinRegion (with the support of the U-LEAD programme), the personal revenues of the local budgets of 366 amalgamated hromadas (AHs) increased by 85% and amounted to UAH 7.5 billion. The surplus is UAH 3.4 billion. The data reflects the state of local budgets’ implementation for 10 months of 2017.

The expert separately analyzed the budgets of the hromadas established last year and those formed in 2015.

Thus, 207 AHs that had the first local elections in 2016, received 60% of the revenue from personal income tax to their local budgets only this year. Over 10 months of 2017, their own resources increased by almost 3 times in comparison with the same period last year, and amounted to UAH 3.9 billion (+ USD 2.5 billion).

In 2016, 159 AHs’ budgets received a 60% of personal income tax entry. The growth rate of their own revenues during this period is + 34.1% (+UAH 896.5 million). It is higher than the average index in Ukraine (the growth rate of the personal revenues in the local budgets of Ukraine is 31.8%).

The average indicator of personal revenues per one resident grew by UAH 1098 and amounted to UAH 2388.

Taking into account the interbudgetary transfers from the state budget, the revenues of the general fund of local budgets of 366 AHs amount to UAH 16.3 billion.

The expert emphasised that in January-October 2017, the hromadas received UAH 200.2 million more of land payment. The volume of this payment in the personal revenues of 366 AHs was USD 1.2 billion. In her viewpoint, this fact confirms the work efficiency of the amalgamated hromadas in the field of land relations.

According to Yanina Kazyuk, budget decentralisation is just one of the tools established by the Government to build capable hromadas.

“In addition to financial decentralisation, there are other instruments in the context of local self-government reform, the use of which enables hromadas to solve important issues. These instruments include, for instance, the cooperation of amalgamated hromadas – when they combine their resources and efforts in order to implement a large-scale project, which one hromada cannot tackle alone. A state budget subvention for the infrastructure development of amalgamated hromadas is also an instrument for the development of their territories. There is the State Fund for Regional Development, and since 2018 the State Road Fund will start operating as well. Hromadas became able to develop integrated development strategies and attract investment funds. There are other possibilities. It is important to apply all these tools effectively. Then local budgets will maintain a positive dynamics of revenue growth,” said Yanina Kazyuk.

Own revenues of all 366 AHs in January-October 2017 in comparison with the similar period of 2016:

in totalUAH 7.5 billion (increase by 85% or by UAH 3.4 billion), in particular:

personal income tax amounted to UAH 4.1 billion (increase by 3 times or by UAH 2.7 billion);

land payment – UAH 1.2 billion (increase by 20.4% or by UAH 200.2 million);

unified tax – UAH 1.2 billion (increase by 38.2% or by UAH 327.2 million);

excise tax – UAH 657.9 million (increase by 12.1% or by UAH 71 million);

real estate tax – UAH 122.7 million (increase by 72.8% or by UAH 51.7 million).


Own revenues of the local budgets of 159 AHs in January-October 2017 in comparison with the similar period of 2016:

in totalUAH 3.5 billion (increase by 34,1% or by UAH 896.5 million), in particular:

personal income tax amounted to UAH 1.9 billion (increase by 41.3%);

land payment – UAH 554.0 million (increase by 17.6%);

excise tax – UAH 344.9 million (increase by 13.1%);

unified tax – UAH 512.7 million (increase by 37.9%);

real estate tax – UAH 55.9 million (increase by 68.4%).


Own revenues of the local budgets of 207 AHs in January-October 2017 in comparison with the similar period of 2016:

in totalUAH 3.9 billion (increase by almost 3 times or by UAH 2.5 billion), in particular:

personal income tax amounted to UAH 2.2 billion;

land payment – UAH 627.2 million (increase by 23.0%);

excise tax– UAH 313 million (increase by 11.0%);

unified tax – UAH 670.4 million (increase by 38.5%);

real estate tax – UAH 66.8 million (increase by 76.7%).

Note. The information is based on the official data of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, in accordance with the performance local budgets by AHs, prior to their voluntary amalgamation and after their voluntary amalgamation, as well as after the acquisition of the right to direct interbudgetary relations with the state budget.

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Hromadas have increased revenues from land payments – hromadas’ budget data for 10 months


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