Local self-government support discussed with USAID Assistant Administrator Ambassador Erin Mckee

On 13 September 2022, USAID HOVERLA Activity organized a roundtable discussion between Ambassador Erin E. McKee, USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia and four heads of HOVERLA partner municipalities.

Mayors  Volodymyr Remenyak (Horodok), Oleksandr Kovalchuk (Kivertsi), Tetyana Honcharuk (Bila Krynytsia), and Olena Sydorenko (Orzhytsia) identified the priorities of their municipalities and provided a brief on how the continue providing services to their residents. Among the topics discussed was the need to prepare for the heating season.

USAID has provided emergency assistance to local governments in 91 communities in 18 of Ukraine’s oblasts. This assistance ranges from personal protective equipment and power generators to IT equipment and humanitarian supplies.

Head of Kivertsivska Municipality, Mr. Olexandr Kovalchuk commented after the event:

“We are delighted that cooperation with USAID HOVERLA Activity includes both emergency response assistance and development initiatives. The Activity has already handed over protective and rescue equipment to our volunteer firefighter brigade. We are also working on the spatial planning of Kivertsivska municipality. I am sure that together with our partners we will be able to overcome many challenges.”

Please find the event’s highlights at the link.

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