Chortkiv and Latvian Talsi will become twin cities

In June, the Latvian city of Talsi will become a twin city of the Ukrainian Chortkiv in Ternopil oblast, reports Chortkiv City Council.

Volodymyr Shmatko, Head of Chortkiv municipality, held an online meeting with Sandra Pētersons, Chairman of the Talsi District Council.

“We will be glad to cooperate with you! We hope that together we will be able to solve our and your problems. We fully feel your pain, the pain of the whole of Ukraine. We talk a lot with Ukrainians who, fleeing the war, came to Latvia, we help as much as we can. Our Latvian people at one time also experienced such difficult times. And the wounds have not yet healed. But what Russian troops are doing in Ukraine is simply incomprehensible… That's why we are with you, Ukrainians!” said Sandra Pētersons.

The Ukrainian and Latvian sides agreed that the decision on the twinning of Chortkiv and Talsi will be made by both city councils at the same time, the preliminary date of the sessions is June 8.

Chortkiv already has 6 twin cities: Leżajsk, Zawadskie, Dobrodzień, Korczyna, Tarnobrzeg voivodeship (all – in Poland), Béziers (France).

For reference. Twin cities cooperate in various fields: culture, education, economy, ecology, tourism, housing and communal services. They share experiences, cultural and historical heritage, hold joint exhibitions and competitions, help each other in difficult times.


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