30 March 2023
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Key points from U-LEAD’s International Expert Exchange 2021

Local Economy: the key points of the discussion

  • At the legislative level, each municipality must have a development strategy. Industrial parks creation is one of the Government’s priorities. Leadership is the key to municipality development.
  • If municipality wants to create and sell a product with high added value, it is necessary to promote cooperation between companies that manufacture the product, make its design, provide related services - we need to build the "value chains".
  • It is important to understand what sets your municipality apart from other municipalities, what makes you unique. Municipalities compete with each other.
  • To attract investors, municipalities need to build infrastructure and to develop quality communications. It is important that the municipality has platforms that can be adjusted to the needs of individual investors. It is important that the municipality has a systematic dialogue with business.


Social inclusion & development: the key points of the discussion

We learned how to implement the principles of inclusion in municipalities during the second session "Social inclusion & development" in the framework of the «International Expert Exchange 2021: Partnership for Development». Here are the key points:

  • The mobility of people has increased significantly in recent years. People choose where to live. Municipalities, in turn, must take care of the comfort of people's lives if they wish those people to stay.
  • To build a project that solves the problems of disabled persons, it is necessary to use their experience, involve them in the project.
  • It is not expensive to implement projects for the social sphere if you have a vision of inclusiveness from the very beginning.
  • It is important that disabled persons have the opportunity to work and earn money.

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