How should municipalities prepare investment projects and what are the key points of receiving funds - highlights of the International Expert Discussion

Piotr Zuber, Senior Lecturer at the Warsaw University, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies; Principal Advisor, Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy of Poland and Igor Korkhovyi, Deputy Minister for EU Integration of the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine agreed that big municipalities in both countries have administrative and financial resources for cooperation with the international financial organizations. They already have the successful cased of such cooperation.

The Government should increase the capacities of small municipalities. Support in formulating investment projects and receiving funds are crucial for such municipalities. Local project teams need trainings, advice and exchange on how to use all existing financial opportunities.

Here are the key points of the successful development and implementation investment projects at the local level:

  1. Strong legal basis for local self-government. It enables the responsibility and accountability of the municipalities.
  2. Financial sources. Fiscal decentralisation enables additional funds for small municipalities
  3. System of institutional support for the development of administrative capacities. It is important to have a mix of institutions that provide support in various sectors (innovations, business, social issues, infrastructure)
  4. Trust building between different levels of governance attracts businesses to invest in the municipalities.

Ilona Solohub, scientific editor of Vox Ukraine, moderated this discussion. Vox Ukraine is an analytical partner of the International Expert Exchange.

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