Partnership of municipalities for joint investments will be the topic of International Expert Exchange 2021 on December 7th-8th

On December 7-8, 2021, U-LEAD with Europe will continue promoting the theme of local development projects, this time by organising the conference International Expert Exchange 2021: "Partnership for Development". The event's purpose is to inspire conference participants, providing them with food for thought regarding partnerships between municipalities when preparing joint investment projects for increasing quality of life of their citizens.

Well-known national and international experts and high-ranking officials will take part in the discussion.

Also, the event will showcase selected local development projects of regional significance currently under preparation within the U-LEAD initiative “Municipal Partnership Projects”.

The event will consist of four thematic blocks:

  • Local economy,
  • Social inclusion & development,
  • Environmental infrastructure,
  • Digital transformation on local level.

In parallel with the main sessions, six rather short, but very intense, exchange meetings will be held titled "Ask an expert!". Here, participants will be able to ask their questions on topics very relevant when deciding about development investment in a municipality - and will take part in discussions.

The conference format will be hybrid, with speakers presented in the U-LEAD with Europe studio and participants attending virtually.

To find the entire program of the conference and the list of speakers, please, follow the link: https://uleadiee2021.kyiv.ua/eng.

If you want to join the event, please register by December 5, 2021 following the link https://uleadiee2021.kyiv.ua/registration. You can also follow the updates by liking the event on Facebook.

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Partnership of municipalities for joint investments will be the topic of International Expert Exchange 2021 on December 7th-8th


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