Focus on the information session with Vyacheslav Nehoda on the starosta institute function

There has been held an information session of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme on the starosta institute functioning, involving Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine Vyacheslav Nehoda. The event was preceded by the training course for starostas by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, lasting from September to November and involving about 300 participants. Today starostas were able to get answers to topical questions and discuss their vision of the institute development within the local self-government systems.

«A starosta is exclusively our Ukrainian «invention», having changed since early 2015. At the same time, its role in the local self-government development in Ukraine, under its reform conditions, is great. A starosta is a significant link of the starosta district, enforcing council and executive committee decisions. A starosta is a person tasked with the starosta district residents uniting around common interests. Eventually, a starosta is not just an official but also a local leader. Such people are required by municipalities», - said Vyacheslav Nehoda.


starosta V.Nehoda


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