An up-to-date PCR lab has started working in the Varash municipality

According to the head of the Rivne Oblast State Administartion Vitalii Koval, an up-to-date PCR lab has begun functioning in the Varash municipality.

Now PCR tests will be done here efficiently and other contagious diseases can be diagnosed, depending on the chemical reagents availability.

«The PCR lab opening in Varash is a quality example of decentralization in a municipality, with services becoming closer to people. Now there is no need taking tests to Rivne and waiting for the results for a couple of days. It is not just the matter of COVID, but the municipality readiness to counteract any pandemic and face the challenges, – claims Vitalii Koval. –I am grateful to the municipality, rayon and Rivne NPS authorities for the synergy. There is a team here and it must be the case with the whole oblast».

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Рівненська область


Вараська територіальна громада


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