Innovation is the main idea of the Trostyanetska hromada

On March, 12, 2021, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme held a special event – a training online-visit to the Trostyanetska hromada of the Sumy oblast, involving more than 130 hromada representatives from all over Ukraine. Training visits and experience exchange are recalled by participants of the previous events by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme most of all. The quarantine restrictions due to the pandemic have radically changed our plans but we can’t wait for the return to normal life any more.

Our reality is a combination of online and offline-formats during any event. We tried to pass on other hromadas heads an emotion – the mood of the successful hromada head and team. Such an emotion is formed on the basis of a comparison of «how it used to be, and what is the case now» as a result of a decision to voluntarily establish a hromada and to start implementing changes.


Best practices education healthcare


Сумська область


Тростянецька територіальна громада


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