How to vote and not get COVID-19?

How to vote and not get COVID-19?

Local elections this year are a key event for the whole Ukraine and especially for Ukrainian local self-government. But 2020 is not just the year of important elections, it is also the year of coronavirus pandemics. There is the issue of organizing the voting in a way that the voters and the electoral committee workers won’t get infected.

The U-LEAD with Europe Programme helps in dealing with this issue.

These days U-LEAD conducted a series of 4 online-seminars (on 8, 9, 13 and 15 of October) for representatives of territorial electoral committees and representatives of the local self-government, responsible for the organisation of the voting process. The seminars are organised together with the Centre for Public Health of Ukraine and are dedicated to the topic of the Anti-Pandemic Measures during the preparation and conducting of voting. Up to 300 participants have joined the seminars.

Also, up to 1200 hromadas from all over Ukraine have already received three different types of posters and instructions for the voters and the members of electoral committees for the anti-epidemical measures. In total more than 67 000 posters and over 22 000 instructions (leaflets) have been delivered to the polling stations in hromadas.

Inspite of the threat of the virus the local elections can be and should be safe for people.

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