How to manage human resources under crisis conditions: Council of Europe and Chernihiv Regional Training Centre launch an online-training course

During the COVID-19 pandemic and national quarantine, local authorities faced a number of challenges related to the introduction of remote work, organisation and holding of meetings, executing official duties, providing local services and other issues that need for an immediate response.

To support local authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic the Council of Europe Programme on “Decentralisation and local government reform in Ukraine” in co-operation with the Chernihiv Regional Training Centre plan to deliver the Special Short-Term (on-line) Training Programme “Peculiarities of Human Resource Management in Local Self-Government Bodies in Crisis Conditions”. The planned date of training – 21 April 2020.

Training application form here.

Contact details for consultation here: Chernihiv Regional Training Centre, Dmytro Kazymyrov, 093-741-62-92, 097-869-60-05


study announcement


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