01 October 2023
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AHs are being selected for the participation in the State Agrarian Register

The Ministry of the Economy, Trade and Agriculture Development jointly with the All-Ukrainian Local Self-Government Bodies Association “All-Ukrainian Hromadas Association” in coordination with the Presidential envoy on land issues, supported by the World Bank and the EU project “Supporting the Transparent Management of Land Resources in Ukraine” is starting the second phase of the pilot introduction of the State Agrarian Register.

The State Agrarian Register is an automated information system of gathering, accounting, accumulating, processing and providing information about agricultural produce manufacturers for the purpose of realising the state agrarian policy, particularly, in terms of the state assistance for agricultural produce manufacturers.

The second phase involves the AH selection and involvement in the agrarians registration in the State Agrarian Register on their territory. Within the pilot project second phase the selected AHs will be provided with information materials and trainings will be conducted concerning the Register Usage, as well as a daily support for four weeks of the pilot project realization will be ensured.




Всеукраїнська асоціація громад

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