The EU Ambassador: Profound changes are worth discussing with people in the regions

In September of 2019 Estonian diplomat Matti Maasikas took charge of the EU Delegation to Ukraine. This week he has visited the Chernihiv region – it was the ambassador’s first work trip outside Kyiv.

He participated in the ceremony of opening the Centre for the Support of Entrepreneurship, Innovations and Start-Ups, established mainly due to the EU sponsorship. The ambassador also visited the Chernihiv Regional Office of U-LEAD, functioning at the expense of EU tax payers as well. Moreover, the diplomat was shown a local higher education establishment and the best enterprises.

The ambassador was interviewed by the Chas Chernihivskyi (Chernihiv Time) newspaper and commented on the regional achievements, the decentralisation reform, the land market and electronic governing.


Konstytutsiia obhovorennia Constitution


Чернігівська область



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