08 December 2023
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James Bond chased a stray dog in a hromada: how young people worked as secret agents and how it contributed into the local self-government

The Secret Agent in an AH initiative, introduced in 19 hromadas, participating in the DOBRE Programme during the second half of 2019, was successfully accomplished.

It was initiated by the youth of Chaplynska AH of the Kherson region in 2018 to enable the inhabitants to sincerely respond to the services provided locally. The matter is that if citizens are satisfied with the services, it converts into their satisfaction with their living in the hromada and public confidence in the government.

The secret agent mission has brought results – the youth and the authorities have experienced a constructive discussion of urgent issues and the service provision has improved.





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08 December 2023

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08 December 2023

07 December 2023

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07 December 2023

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