06 December 2023
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Human resources management: the Council of Europe's training programs launched in the regions

The current structural reforms in Ukraine including the local self-government, territorial and decentralisation reforms require a high level of competence of local appointed and elected officials.

Taking into account new legal framework and challenges resulted from the mentioned reforms as well as from the National Training System reform, the Council of Europe Program “Decentralisation and local government reform in Ukraine” launched the set of activities to strengthen institutional capacity of Ukrainian training service providers to deliver very practical training offer on HRM for local authorities based on the best European and national practices and training needs in the regions.

Particularly on the request of local authorities and in the synergy with Khmelnytsky and Volyn Regional Training Centres the special training programmes related to HRM and service in local authorities were developed and registered on the National Knowledge Management Portal.   

On 11-13 February 2020 the 1st session of the Special professional (certificate) training programme “MODERN INSTRUMENTS OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN LOCAL SELF-GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES” was organised with the Council of Europe expert support in the Khmelnytsky Regional Training Centre. The training was partially co-financed from budgets of trained local authorities. The 2nd training session planned for 6-9 April 2020.  

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