The upgraded methodology of formation of capable hromadas does not «change the rules during the game» but facilitates the process of making grounded decisions at the final reform phase

‘Amendments to the Methodology of formation of capable hromadas, adopted by the Government on January, 24, 2020, do not «change the rules during the game»’, told Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine.

Formation of capable hromadas is not undergoing any revolution. The key criteria for capable hromadas formation are unchangeable: the territory integrity, the number of children, etc. New criteria just allow us to assess the capability level of both acting and project hromadas, to make an evidence-based decision when it is not evident and to justify it during a conversation with hromadas.

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01.02.2020 - 10:02
Determining the size and shape of new amalgamted communities is one of the most difficult problems in decentralization. Success or failure largely depends on how well this is done. There are a number of approaches, but the main requirement is that there be a more precisely defined criteria for determining this amalgamation. I examined this with regard to Georgia a few years ago which wanted to define new territorial boundaries of local governments. See Glen Wright "Technical Guide for Establishing New Municipalities in Georgia" funded by the USAID Good Governance in Georgia program. While population is important, population density is more important in defining appropriate service delivery functions at a cost of delivery acceptable. Compactness of the georgraphical area is another important criteria. These among others, need to be considered and defined in new criteria. It is important to avoid country examples that have been a disaster, specifically Albania.
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