How hromadas have benefited from recommendations of U-LEAD Gender Manual – results

Experts of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s support to improved administrative service delivery presented the results of recommendations trial of a manual on integrating a comprehensive gender approach into the work of the Administrative Service Centre.

Seven participating hromadas joined the trial.

To test the manual’s recommendations, hromadas with different ASC models were selected, namely: joint ASC, mobile ASC, ASC in small and large hromadas, and ASC with a remote workplace.

When working with hromadas, the experts, together with the ASC staff, selected the most useful and interesting recommendations for their Centre and put them into practice. Based on the findings, experts have come up with proposals to increase the effectiveness of implementing gender recommendations for each hromada.

The results of the trial were integrated into the Programme’s Gender Manual and presented at the meeting of the Working Group on Gender Equality and Decentralisation Reform held earlier this week at the UN Women office in Ukraine with the participation of the Secretariat of the Donors Board, international programmes and Ministries.

DOWNLOAD the manual

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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How hromadas have benefited from recommendations of U-LEAD Gender Manual – results


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