More than 50 AHs do not meet indicators of capability, - Vyacheslav Nehoda

Over the past five years, capable hromadas have been formed in Ukraine, which can be entrusted with authorities in the sectors where local self-government should engage, i.e. education, healthcare, social protection, safety, and culture. The capability means that hromada has at least 250 school-age children and 100 preschool-age children for it to have a vision for development. All other indicators, such as territories, funds, number of people, are additional.

Out of the currently existing hromadas, about 50 do not meet indicators of capability - there are no children, the territory is torn, which is not allowed. Now there is a task to finalise perspective plans with the view of the requirements from the Government, but also additional indicators, which determine hromada's capability. It is very important for every hromada in the country to have an opportunity for development. There is no task to create a large number of hromadas, it is necessary to make them functional, said Vyacheslav Nehoda, Deputy Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, on the air of the Hromadske Radio (LISTEN).

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More than 50 AHs do not meet indicators of capability, - Vyacheslav Nehoda


V.Nehoda amalgamation of hromadas perspective plan


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