What is the model of a capable hromada? (video)

At MinRegion’s request, the Swiss-Ukrainian project “Decentralisation Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO) and the decentralisation.gov.ua produced a video that answers many questions, including the most important one: “what will people, residents of villages and cities get from amalgamating into a capable hromada?”. This is essential for more than 6.3 thousand territorial hromadas that are still out of the amalgamation process.

What is the current situation in small territorial hromadas and how can it change after amalgamation? The example of a modelled amalgamated hromada, i.e. one foreseen in the perspective plan, but not formed by the local councils, was an attempt to give explanation to this question.

The Berestechkivska amalgamated hromada is envisaged by the perspective plan for the formation of Volyn Oblast hromadas. I should be formed by seven village councils (23 villages) and the city of Berestechko. Let’s imagine this has already happened:


DESPRO amalgamation of hromadas


Волинська область


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