Starostas from 21 oblasts underwent training within Community of Practices: Sustainable Development

In October, local self-government officials from 21 oblasts underwent an e-training course “Starosta: Steps to a Successful Start".

In addition to starostas and acting starostas, the desire to study has also been expressed by the employees of executive bodies of local councils, deputies of local councils, representatives of NGOs and others.

Of the 260 registered participants, 108 have completed the training programme.

The training course was created to promote the formation of an effective starosta institute in Ukraine through training of local development leaders. The participants learned how to use traditional and innovative management tools to help enshrine local self-government reform at the local hromada level.

One of the e-course features was the competition “Best Starosta’s Practice”, where participants shared the most successful decisions and projects of their activities.

The participants of the training course also started the Congress of AH Starostas group (Facebook community – – which has more than 280 participants today).

Learn about new training programmes at the Community of Practices: Sustainable Development portal

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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