Annual World Forum for Democracy to be held in Strasbourg

The World Forum for Democracy is traditionally held in in French Strasbourg in November.

On 6-8 November, the Forum will discuss the topic: “Is democracy at rist in the age of information?”

“Democracy dies in the dark: do we get the right information?”; “Restoring trust in the news”; “Information and technology: friends or enemies?”, “Freedom of expression and protection of journalists” are the issues the discussion of which the representatives from Ukraine will join. In particular, the winners of the All-Ukrainian Journalism Competition “Reforming Local Self-Government and Territorial Organisation of Power” in 2018. These are regional media journalists whose reform materials are not just articles or stories, but rather advice for those still hesitant to make decisions and scared of change.

The competition has been conducted by MinRegion since 2016 in cooperation with the Council of Europe Programme “Decentralisation and local government reform in Ukraine”, NGO “Internews-Ukraine”, and from 2019 with the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine.

The work of this year's selection board is currently ongoing. Two meetings have already taken place, that resulted in selection of 63 out of 212 materials for the second assessment round. The awarding ceremony will take place in December.

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Annual World Forum for Democracy to be held in Strasbourg


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