How to ensure ASC sustainability and efficiency: expert recommendations

U-LEAD with Europe Programme experts in improved administrative service delivery have developed a document with recommendations to ensure the sustainability of the ASC.

This document deals with sustainability of the ASC, primarily in the financial part (the adequacy of revenues from administrative fees to cover the costs of quality administrative service delivery and ASC functioning) and effectiveness of the ASC in the administration of some processes.

In particular, the problems with sustainable and efficient operation of the include:

  1. The costs of administrative service delivery in smaller hromadas are covered by insufficient fees for administrative services;

  2. Insufficient legal framework for accepting cash payments – administrative service fees – by the ASC staff;

  3. Lack of financial capacity of LSG bodies to send the results of administrative service delivery by means of postal communication;

  4. Individual seals (stamps) of administrators, which leads to additional costs in case of personnel changes.

You can find more details on the problems and expert proposals for their solution in the policy note via the link.

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How to ensure ASC sustainability and efficiency: expert recommendations

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