Mobile ASC. Second lecture of “How to create ASC in AH” educational video course

The U-LEAD with Europe's Support to Improved Administrative Service Delivery Team continues a series of video lectures on how to create a proper ASC in a hromada.

The topic of the second lecture is “Mobile ASC”.

Viktor Tymoshchuk, Programme’s main expert on administrative services, tells about what it is a mobile ASC, which hromadas need it, what there are key aspects of its physical creation and institutional maintenance, as well as a few lessons that the Programme has received from the experience of implementing the first in Ukraine mobile ASC.

The video lectures, together with manuals developed by U-LEAD experts, will help hromadas to create a proper system of high-quality administrative service delivery for population.

In this video one can find:

4:05 Concept of mobile ASC

6:18 Technical components of mobile ASC

10:35 Institutional component of mobile ASC

14:04 Experience of implementing first mobile ASC in Slavutska AH



More about ASCs in hromadas:


ASC V.Tymoshchuk


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