Kyselivska AH – 50th amalgamated hromada established in Chernihiv Oblast

The Kyselivka and Boromyky village councils amalgamated into the Kyselivska hromada with a centre in the village of Kyselivka.

Natalia Romanova, acting head of the Chernihiv Oblast State Administration, approved the regulation on the conformity of the draft decisions of the Kyselivka and Boromyky village councils "On Voluntary Amalgamation of Territorial Hromadas" with the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine.

It is already the fiftieth community established in the Chernihiv Oblast. There are 45 AHs operating in the oblast, six of which held their first elections on 30 June, and four more are awaiting the election process. Now this cohort has been joined by the Kyselivska AH.


amalgamation of hromadas


Чернігівська область


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