First agreement on inter-municipal cooperation signed in Luhansk Oblast

The agreement on inter-municipal cooperation between the AHs of Pryvillya and Ozno-Oleksandrivka settlement of the neighbouring Bilokurakyne rayon has been signed in the village of Pryvillya in the Troyitske rayon of the Luhansk Oblast.

According to Oleksii Leonov, head of the Lozno-Oleksandrivska AH, there are only 2.5 thousand people in the hromada, and this is not enough to interest international organisations and attract their funds for implementing large projects. Therefore, it was decided to join activities with the Pryvilska AH and to create together an Administrative Service Centre that would serve the population of both hromadas. At first, the questions were considered by the heads; then they were submitted to the deputies' corps, then - for consideration of the assembly of citizens supported such a project. Now it is already written and submitted to the line ministry.


The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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06 February 2023

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