Being the best at capable educational network development is difficult, yet possible – experience of Pererislyanska AH

The educational network in the Pererislyanska amalgamated hromada is one of the best among AHs of the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, reported Maria Baran, municipal service adviser of the Ivano-Frankivsk LGDC.

“The Pererislyanska community ranked third among all oblast AHs in the rating of the financial capacity index of the AH school educational network in 2018, and is in the top five in 2019. The educational establishments of the hromada have a high filling of classes – 19 pupils, at the calculated filling of 14,5. This allows it to use the educational subvention efficiently, spending it on improving the material and technical equipment of the AH school classrooms,” the expert said.

Ivan Kryska, head of the Department of Education, Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism of the AH, informed that this year there will be six first grades in hromada educational institutions. In total, 120 children will start studying at the New Ukrainian School.

Speaking about the improvement of the material and technical base, the official noted that at the expense of the educational subvention, which remained since last year, four AH educational establishments were able to purchase new computer equipment, 12 TVs for the first grades and new furniture. Due to subvention received for equipping the classrooms of the New Ukrainian School, didactic materials for the total amount of UAH 22.000 were purchased.

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Being the best at capable educational network development is difficult, yet possible – experience of Pererislyanska AH


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