Ads’ humanisation: Hromadas can use a free service that makes it easier to communicate with residents

Each hromada communicates with the residents in one way or another through announcements – at the local council, at the post office, at the club, in shops, in public transport. Boards near the high-rise buildings are often covered with messages from housing office, invitations to hromada events, announcements from local deputies and plenty of other necessary and not really information.

But most often, these ads are so awfully designed that people, at best, do not notice them, and at worst, are indignant that "there will be no water / gas / light", "money is collected again", "volunteer landscaping is needed", etc.

Could these ads be more visible, more human and thoughtful, simpler and clearer, make people smile or encourage hromada residents to take action?

They could, - said the Crello service and offered free templates for such messages here:

Templates make it easy to change text and pictures, zoom in, zoom out, and move elements.

A little more creativity, and your advertisements will talk to people!

The residents of your hromada are worth it. Enjoy. 

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